Throw the Cat Among the Pigeons: The Refreshing Candour Of Infinitech Founder

8,000 word dissertation

Based on a collection of interviews with Rosemary Barbara Thompson conducted over three years – as well as interviews with Infinitech co-founder James Dillon, ex-employees, ex-Infinifarm workers – Elaine Boyak has written a compelling chronicle detailing the eclectic and intense spirit of Infinitech co-founder.

“Following Rosemary’s recent departure to Phorix, the release of Throw the Cat Among the Pigeons couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Hungry to make her mark on the universe, from global sales manager to co-founder to dimension explorer to undergoing inspection and on the run, Rosemary has done it all.


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“Justice is served with the release of Throw the Cat Among the Pigeons

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