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UAL Chelsea College of Arts Graduate Showcase

As a multi-media artist, I investigate the profound impact consumerism has on our sense of self. Through the installation of 3D rendered animation and video, I navigate the false promises made and facades maintained by corporations.
The performance and video installations aim to shed light, and provoke critical reflection on the hidden narratives in commerce by exploring the expanded role of the exhibition visitor as a quasi-consumer. Due to the performative nature of my work - involving live actors and personas - the audience are encouraged to actively participate and question their own complicity in perpetuating consumer culture and the pervasive influence of Big Tech.

One integral aspect of my work, is the creation of the spurious brand Infinitech, founded by the unprincipled CEO Rosemary Barbara Thompson. Infinitech serves as a symbol for the infiltration of technology on our lives. The narrative embodies the ergonomically alluring, yet illusory promises tech companies offer us. The carefully curated characters aim to blur the viewer’s distinction of reality whilst testing the conventions of our daily social interactions.
The spaces I create suggest order and control. But, in leaving easter eggs for the viewer within the curations, and by recreating the peculiar and slightly-off moments we have with customer service, illusions are revealed and pretences are broken.