Performance Video Installation

Whilst giving a nod to Law of Attraction videos and Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Energy Acccumulator, Infini-Med explores the manipulation within the marketing of anxiety-relieving products. The Infini-Med headband is a useless sports headband with a glowstick slotted in, advertised to help you relax. It is a play on false promises and the facades of corporations.

Exhibited in an old cubicle shower room lit up with red LEDs, a projector displays a manifestation/law of attraction video ‘Manifest While You Sleep’ on loop on the wall. Outside the room is a table with InfiniMed pamphlets advertising the ‘Brand New Infini-Med’ which promises to ‘raise your vibration and tune your aura combining divine frequency with electro-magnetic pulsation technology’.

Manifest While You Sleep - Law of Attraction - Tuning Aura Cleansing - Chakra Balance Guided Meditation for Positive Energy - Manifest Your Goals Overnight - Deep Relaxation - Ask Universe what you Want - Elevate your Vibration - Spinning Galaxy - Whole Body Regeneration – Abundance Pyramid - Unblock All 7 Chakras - Solar Plexus Binaural Beats - Raising your Vibration with the Angels - 3 Hour Deep Sleep Meditation - Frequency of Gods 936 Hz 

Video 00:11:37