The Muse Residency 2024 Winter Group Show


A group show presenting Margarita Frančeska Loze, James Grossman and Romi Thornton’s recent practice as they start their artist residency at The Muse.

"Infinitech is honoured to be part of this visionary project. 'Polymerised Horizons: Discovering beauty in a Plastic Abyss' (2024) underscores our dedication to the intersection of art, technology, and environmental apathy."

-Infinitech CEO, Rosemary Barbara Thompson

Polymerised Horizons: Discovering Beauty in a Plastic Abyss

Infinitech, a global pioneer in technological innovation, proudly presents the cutting-edge video installation, "Polymerised Horizons: Discovering Beauty in a Plastic Abyss." This captivating and thought-provoking artwork, created by our visionary media team, aims to challenge perceptions and ignite conversations on the contentious issue of plastic pollution and environmental change. At a time when even the mention of word pollution brings about cries of 'emergency', 'crisis' and 'corporate irresponsibility'. "Polymerised Horizons" (2024) sets out to explore the other side of the story, as it lets you dive, eyes first, into the mesmerizing and ethereal beauty of a plastic-laden ocean. Screened from the gallery floor, you gaze down into a slice of bliss, where jellyfish and plastic bags dance side by side, caught in the balance between opposition and seamless merging. This is an image of a new age for nature to become something more efficient, more evolved. Its modification into what we at Infinitech like to declare as a 'smart habitat', the perfect blend of the artificial and natural; a bold declaration of our collective impact on the delicate balance between progress and preservation. Join us in a celebration of the transcendence of this coming age, and witness the allure of our polymerised horizon. We encourage our viewers to tread carefully!

This work is Sponsored and Funded by Infinitech Industries in Co-operation with the Rosemary B. Thompson Foundation for Climate Care

Installation view of Polymerised Horizons (2024)

Images courtesy of William Brown