If You Can’t Appreciate What You’ve Got, You’d Better Get What You Can Appreciate: The PygmalionPro XPO


Three-channel video and performance installation.
Performance duration 03:00:00. Main video (ad) duration 00:03:48 looped.

The PygmalionPro Xpo investigates the profound impact consumerism has on our sense of self. The installation of 3D rendered animation and video simulates a trade show booth which navigates the false promises made and facades maintained by corporations. Due to the performative nature of the work - involving live actors and personas - The PygmalionPro Xpo explores the expanded role of the exhibition visitor as a quasi-consumer. 

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The set embodies the ergonomically alluring, yet illusory promises tech companies offer us. And the carefully curated characters aim to blur the viewer’s distinction of reality whilst testing the conventions of our daily social interactions. The space suggests order and control, but, in leaving easter eggs for the viewer within the curations, and by recreatingthe peculiar and slightly-off moments we have with customer service, illusions are revealed and pretences are broken.

Resourced blue trade fair carpet, blue strip LEDs, resourced orange corporate desk, cardboard cutout of Infinitech CEO, PygmalionPro roller banner, 3 monitors; 43 inch, 32 inch and 22 inch, 2 vinyl Infinitech logos; 60 x 200cm and 60 x 100cm, white vinyl text, 2 plants; alive and dead, Infinitech robot hoover, 2 ergonomic chairs, 2 massage seat covers, 58 Infinitech pens, Terms & Conditions contract, 2 acrylic containers, 100 business cards, 2 acrylic business card holders, 3 acrylic clipboards, Infinitech employee ‘to-do’ list, 'Back in a jiffy' card sign, 12 Infinitech water bottles, Dulux Silk Emulsion Paint in ‘Blue Babe’

Images on this page courtesy of Uliana Evdokimenkova and Romi Thornton

Promo Photos from the Product Launch Xpo

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